All the random cruft that I have seen fit to published, but doesn't fit anywhere else. A veritable cesspool of creative genius.

Slackfest. A party, held every once in a while.

Volition. My ex-blog.

Geeks vs Nerds vs everyone else. Let us clear up the confusion.

ObWebStandardsRant. My follow-the-leader take on why web standards are good, and why everything else is bad.

ObTVSucksRant. Quick! Television is making your brain melt! Read something! Do some basic arithmetic! Something, anything!

The Copyrighting Culture project describes how corporations are controlling your culture using copyright. Two of my friends wrote this.

Um? I have no idea what this is.

Historical curiosities

The stuff below is only kept for the sake of historians, and to prevent link rot. It is out of date, discontinued, unsupported, unloved and otherwise forgotten.

The access collective. It was fun while it lasted.