This information can be used to set up your desktop and mobile email apps, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail and Outlook to access your email account.

I suggest you use Mozilla Thunderbird when accessing your email - it is a free download and packed full of features, including excellent anti-spam and phishing protection.

Your email account is hosted by Quuxo, my Internet hosting business. Use the Quuxo mail server to send and retrieve your email.

Incoming Mail

First, choose how you will access your mail:


IMAP is the recommended way to get to your email. Messages are stored on the server, even after you have downloaded them to your computer. This lets you get to all of your email using webmail when you are away from your computer. It also acts as a backup in case your computer dies.


POP3 is an older, less useful way to retrieve your email. Once your mail is downloaded from the server it is deleted, leaving the messages on your computer as the only copy - you cannot access it again via webmail. Some older and commercial email clients may not support IMAP however, so POP3 is useful in this case.

Server Settings

Once you have selected a way to access your mail, use the following server settings:

Outgoing Mail

You must use Quuxo's mail server for sending email, otherwise your messages may get flagged as spam by other mail services.

To send email using the Quuxo mail server, you will need an email client that supports secure SMTP using StartTLS. Mozilla Thunderbird is one such email client.

Once you know your mail client supports secure SMTP, use the following server settings:

Any questions? Send me an email :)