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Your Password

Are you unhappy with your every day, humdrum password? Sick of typing in a random yet pronounceable, 9-character password? Want to LOL every time you LOGIN? Need to rotate your password daily to keep the FEDS at BAY?! Got a email address? Then you're in luck! You can change now change your password with the majick of Quuxo Client Services for the low, low price of zilch!


If you've got an email address, you can check your email using any desktop email client. You will need this mail server information.

You can also check your email from anywhere on the web at this address:

Jabber Instant Messaging

People with accounts can use Jabber instant messaging to send instant messages and chat with other people online that also use Jabber, including other people, people with Google accounts and many more. Learn how to get set up to use Jabber.

Security for services. I'm a paranoid person, so I provide and use secure versions of a number of services. You should use them, too.