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The VNet Class Library - useful Java components.

A variety of free (GPL'ed), open souce Java components.

What is the The VNet Class Library?

The VNet Class Library is a collection of Java classes that I have written over the past few years for SWars. They are classes that I have found to be useful and have used in many another project. Other people may find them useful as well, so I'm making them freely distributable.

Where can I get it from?

Here, in the dist directory, but you may want to keep on reading first.

Is there any documentation for it?

Yes, the Javadoc API reference is included in both the distribution and here, online. A FAQ and other documentation may appear on this page, but only if you ask me for it.

What is YAWB?

YAWB is Yet Another Web Backend. YAWB is a dynamic content generator, that is to say it produces XML, HTML or other SGML-style markup documents with data supplied by a backend of some sort. YAWB also provides an abstract, uniform interface to a variety of backends. A backend could be an SQL DBMS, an LDAP directory, flat files or whatever. YAWB processes document templates on the fly, with data being supplied by one or more backends. It's pronounced "Yourb" and is fairly experimental at the moment.

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