Rhythmweb lets you control Rhythmbox remotely, from your web browser. It is not an Internet radio server - it does not play music in your web browser, rather it lets you control Rhythmbox on a machine other than the one it is running on.

Rhythmweb was inspired by Joe Shaw's Banshee Media Server, which is a Internet radio server.

Download now: rhythmweb-0.4.tar.bz2

PS: I totally forgot to mention it in the README, but once it is running, look in Epiphany's Bookmarks > Nearby Sites menu or browse to: http://your-rb-host:8000/

Please report bugs to the Rhythmweb project on Launchpad.


To use Rhythmweb, you must have the following installed:


Things I'm planning on doing (patches greatly appreciated).


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