Latest version: 0.5

See the Release Notes for information on what has changed between releases and known problems.

Install directly on your phone

Using the Web or WAP browser that comes with your phone, PDA or other device, just click on the link below.

Install on a PalmOS device

Download the Azure PRC file below to your personal computer and HotSync it with your Palm. You must have the free MIDP for Palm OS runtime installed before you install Azure on your Palm.

Install via a personal computer

To install Azure of your phone via your personal computer, save both links below to your computer and use the software that was provided with your phone to install the application.

Source code

You can also download the source code for Azure (although it is a little embarrasing at the moment, but give me a break, it is a new application after all ;). You only need to get this if you want to hack on Azure.