Jabber lets you send instant messages and chat online with people that also use Jabber - including those on vee.net, Google Mail and many more.

Jabber is an open instant messaging service that is free to use. The Jabber website has much more information about using Jabber, including a comprehensive User Guide and FAQ.

Your vee.net Jabber Account

Everyone with a vee.net account can use the vee.net jabber server. To do so, you need to know your jabber address, password and optionally details about the server. They are:

Installing Jabber software

You should download and install a Jabber client, software that runs on your computer that lets you talk to other people on Jabber.

Much like with email, there are many different clients that you can use to talk on Jabber. Below are the recommended clients to use with vee.net, but you can see many more on the Jabber website's client list.

To choose a client, select the operating system your computer uses:

Linux, FreeBSD and other UNIXes

I use and recommend Gossip. It is an easy to use client that just works.

When configuring Gossip, enter your Jabber address as the Login Id, be sure to enter the server address and check Use encryption (SSL).

Other common clients include GAIM and Kopete.

Mac OS X

The best client for Apple Macintoshes seems to be Adium. It supports most Jabber features and is easy to use.

When configuring Adium, enter your Jabber address as the Jabber ID, be sure to enter the server address as the Connect Server and check Use TLS encryption (if possible).

You can alternatively use iChat if you are using Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or later.


The best client for Windows seems to be Pandion. This is an easy to use client that supports many advanced Jabber features.

When you start Pandion, the Login window will appear. Enter your Jabber address in the "Address" field and your password and click Login.

Gaim is another popular client for Windows.

Adding contacts

After you have installed a client, you just need to add some contacts so you can see when they are online and send messages to them.

People on Jabber (including you) have a presence that tells others if they are online and if they are available to chat, if they are busy or if they away from their computer. To see another person's presence, you need to ask their permission by subscribing to them. Likewise, if they want to see your presence, they need to ask your permission.

To subscribe to a person's presence, most clients have a menu item called "Add a Contact" or similar. Select this and enter the Jabber address for your new contact. They will be send a message asking if you can subscribe to their presence. If they agree, then you will see them appear in your client's window (in your roster) when they are online and what their presence is.

Your new contact may wish to see when you are online as well, in that case you will receive a message from them asking for permission. If you receive such a message and allow them to subscribe, they will then be able to see your presence online.