Regarding a national container deposit scheme

Just sent this to the new Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Waste, Senator Don Farrell:

Dear Senator Farrell,

I am writing to strongly urge you to introduce a national container deposit scheme. As you no doubt realise, billions of disposable, recyclable drink containers are used by Australians every year. Since people have no incentive beyond their conscience to recycle them, a significant number of these go to landfill or end up as discarded rubbish.

The environmental impact of these drink containers, from extra resource use, from the landfill they contribute to, and from containers simply discarded without recycling or disposal is unacceptable. Each day without a national container deposit scheme sees millions more bottles contributing towards this. The success of the South Australian scheme has adequately demonstrated the effectiveness of deposit schemes, the onus is now on you to introduce one nation-wide.

Please do so without delay.


Michael Gratton,

Newtown, NSW 2042.

You should send him a message, too.