In Defence of the Courtie

There's been some anti-Courthouse angst for a while, mostly directed at the staff and food and it culminated a few weeks ago with certain friends telling me it's off their list. I am, frankly, nonplussed about this. Sure the people behind the bar are far more hip than you could ever be, sure the food is massively overpriced (even for Sydney) and they even took While Rabbit off the taps (sob!). But you know, even with all that, at least it's not the Bank, or the Coopers Arms, or the Marly - it actually has a soul still. A surly, rip-the-hungry-punter-off, footy-based heart of gold.

Enumerating my list of worthwhile Sydney pubs to Budweiser the other day, I could come up with three A-list pubs. Three. When the pickings are that slim, why would you put them on a diet? The other two pubs, aside from the Courthouse, were of course the Cricketer's Arms and the Clare Hotel. At one point during the Surry Hills crack-den madness I managed to drink the Crix out of longnecks of Pale Ale. I must get back there and make sure they're still out.

The Clare I can happily report remains unchanged after I failed to get there with any regularity at all this year. The occasion of this recent visit to the Pearl Necklace of Broadway was of course was the celebrated arrival of Pip and Tim from Germany. Tim reminds me of someone, I can't put my finger on it (no, no-one from Ween). In a continuation of the “I‘m doomed to only ever meet phd students” theme of my life, he knows a few cool kids over here in the final throes of theirs. We went on a tour of the hidden Chinese supermarkets Ashfield on Sunday after failing to secure some yum cha. Pocki was obtained, which made the trip out of the Newtown-Kensington-Daringhurst Bermuda triangle somewhat less scary. The kids must have been so max'ed out on Euro-cool they were absorbing the typical scant amount of hip I manage to scrape together, leaving only my inner dork. The result was so much fumbling and dropping of bikes that it almost looked deliberate.

Maybe I don't care if the kids aren't into the Courtie anymore, anyway. More seats for getting through the literature review for me.