Dear Mr. Andrew,

I am writing to ask you to reconsider KMPG's part, as a member of the Business Council of Australia, to lobby for a reduction in the green house gas emission targets recommended by Professor Ross Garnaut.

Irregardless of whether the Professor set the targets too low in the first case (as some criticism of the targets has suggested), the clear weight of scientific evidence shows that the worlds production of greenhouse-effect inducing chemicals already exceeds the environment's ability to cope. The only way we can reduce or reverse this disastrous effect is to reduce our emissions.

While I realise this will have a negative short term economic impact, I doubt any of us can fathom the economic impact of an environmental disaster of the scale of global warming.

Please, take a cue from other successful attempts to limit the harmful chemicals produced by industry, such as the reduction of ozone-destroying CFCs, and support the suggested greenhouse reduction targets. The market will bounce back; that's what it's good at.


Michael Gratton.